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First of all, it is probably a good idea to take a look at how great Palm Oil is. We only have positive things to say about this gift from nature. Palm Oil trees give life and help our planet breathe. Palm Oil Fruit provides vitamins for our bodies and energy in several forms. Palm Oil is also a sustainable product and worth being enthusiastic about. Palm Oil provides jobs for many people and we are thankful for it.


Actually Palm Oil is not just about Malaysia although Malaysia is a big player. Palm Oil reaches almost everyone in the world. Some people are probably not even aware of how much they use Palm Oil and maybe other pages on this site will enlighten some of us who want to know more.  Palm Oil is made in  plantations and  refineries in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand South America, Africa and of course other countries which we have not mentioned yet.

We hope that this website will eventually become a useful information resource for those who are looking for Palm Oil Facts, Technology, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders and Technology Consultants. Palm Oil can bring people together because there is now a flourishing Palm Oil Industry . What might be interesting to enthusiasts is the fact that Palm Oil growing research and development has the possibility to vastly increase the yield without having to use more land. This is something discussed in the following media presentation which shows us that efforts are being made to produce new healthier oils and fats, improvements of processing methods and development of new products. The leaders in the Palm Oil Industry seem to be serious and willing to invest their time and resources to make the most out of this gift while at the same time keeping an eye on environmental issues. Some solutions that work well are not always so high tech. One hot topic is the health benefits of Palm Oil.


It is always a good idea when approaching a subject such as energy, sustainability and environment to have a balanced approach to it all. The balanced approach will require individuals to take a look at the benefits to our world from using particular resources as well as other alternatives. Educated people will want to spend time learning about all of the activities that are underway and these include the efforts of individuals who are positive in their approach to take the lead in both commercial and scientific developments which can improve production, profitability, sustainability and create much needed jobs which in turn can provide the financial resources needed to provide better education for the future generation.